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RIP Herb Kelleher

RIP Herb Kelleher (87), founder of Southwest airlines. Arguably one of the most charismatic airline CEOs. Our favorite example of his innovativeness was when he arm wrestled another airline executive over a trademark dispute. He wanted to save the legal fees, even though he had practiced law. Kelleher did not win the arm wrestling match, but he did grow Southwest to the largest domestic carrier in the U.S.

Cool Aviation Innovation

A high-tech cargo ship being built in Tustin, California has a lot of folks excited. The lighter-than-air vehicle has only a Mylar skin but will be able to take-off vertically like a helicopter. The military and others see this as a big advantage when sea ports, airports, roads etc. have been wiped out from natural disasters. Ultimately the vessel should be able to carry 66 tons of payload.
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