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Airbus Delivers 1st Made In USA Aircraft

Good news for Airbus. The first MADE IN THE USA, A321 aircraft has been completed in the Mobile, Alabama plant. 3-years ago Airbus broke ground on what used to be a WW II bomber support base in Mobile. Only 7-months after inauguration the workers in Mobile delivered the A321 to Jet Blue airlines. Since announcing the plant the Airbus market share in the U.S. climbed from 20% to 40%. 1

Airbus has Record Year of Deliveries

2014 was a banner year for Airbus. They delivered a record 629 aircraft including:
491 A320s
108 A330s & A350s
30 A380s
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A320 Accident on 3/13/14

US Airways flight 1702 had an unusual take-off from Philadelphia International Airport around 6 PM last evening. Enroute to Ft. Lauderdale the front tire blew out on the front landing gear. According to passengers the nose of the Airbus A320 had lifted off and then bounced down hard on the runway. The good news is everyone exited the plane safely and just 2 folks requested medical attention. 1702

Look out Boeing here comes Bombardier

It’s official. Bombardier in Canada has entered the commercial aircraft business to compete with Boeing and Airbus. Yesterday was the maiden voyage of the CS100, a mid-range aircraft seating 100-125 passengers. Using 20% less fuel than their competitors, Bombardier already has orders for 177 aircraft and will begin deliveries by the end of 2014.
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Skies to Get More Crowded

The friendly skies are about to get more crowded. Boeing has predicted that the world fleet of commercial aircraft is going to DOUBLE within the next 20 years to over 41,240 aircraft. 60% of the new aircraft will go to Asia, Latin America & the Middle East. The demand for jumbo jets has fallen as oil prices have forced Airbus & Boeing to manufacture more efficient planes. Design changes with smaller single-aisle aircraft, streamlined ATC & improved Nav systems to reduce miles on each route will be the keys to success to meet the new demands to be more fuel efficient. Pictured is a current view of 6,000 commercial flights around the world today.
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