Gifts for Pilots

Many times we are asked to make recommendations of a gift for a pilot.   These are always fun conversations because the callers are always so excited about the large and diverse selection of aviation themed gifts items that we offer at Tailwinds.

One of our newer items is the Airplane Propeller Letter Opener (G800).  Priced at under $15.00 this quality, classy looking letter opener is useful and also has bearings that allow the propeller to turn.  As someone that is fidgeting with items on the desk while on the phone, I must say I enjoy spinning this prop.

One of our staple pilot gifts is the enduring poem High Flight woven into a 3-ply throw (AG400).  The High Flight poem, by John Gillespie Magee Jr.,high flight throw captures the spirit and purity flight.  His poem simply encapsulates the freedom of flight that many of us feel when we go aloft.  This airplane throw or small blanket is perfect for the den when you need a little something extra to fend off the cooler night air.

Our Pilot Wine Caddy (G167) can be the next hit at your party.  This item is so unique that at my last get-together it became a fun conversation piece.  People loved the wine caddy and they weren’t even pilots!  I like it even more because it is one of the “green” products that we sell.  It is crafted from 100% recycled steel and copper. 

Wishing you Blue Skies & Tailwinds!™

My Gift of Wings

Many times I’m asked how I became involved in aviation.  I was lucky, as my mother, Marion Jayne, was my CFI.  Marion started to fly when her husband wanted his pilot’s license for business purposes.  Like many in the uninformed public arena she thought “small planes” were dangerous.  However, when she began her flight training she caught the flying bug.  She earned her ratings quickly and became the 12th woman in the U.S. to earn her ATP.   Marion had a strong competitive streak and started cross country air racing.  Ultimately she won more air races than any pilot in the U.S. and was inducted into the Smithsonian Aviation Hall of Fame.  In 2003, at the Centennial of Flight at Kitty Hawk, she was honored as one of the top 100 aviators of the century.   

 Having a competitive nature as well, I initially wanted to earn to my license just to I could compete in air races.  After some solo flights, when I learned to relax, the thrill of flight quickly became part of me.  During my college years, I passed the FAA written exam during one summer.  The next summer I passed the flight test and earned my wings becoming a private pilot rated for airplane single-engine land.  Thanks mom for giving me the gift of wings. 

 Wishing you Blue Skies & Tailwinds! ™

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747 Airplane Converted to Home

Welcome to the first Tailwinds blog entry.  Here we’ll be discussing items of interest in the aviation industry,  cross country air racing adventures, have product discussions, and, of course, we can’t miss hangar flying!

So how much does a used 747 frame cost?  Only $30K.  A woman in Malibu, California bought a used 747 plane and is in the process of converting it into a plush home that will be completely “green”.  The airplane wings have been converted to solar panels and also act as the roof.  Some of the interior framing of the aircraft serves as the support structure for the home.   The funny part is that she needed to register her home with the FAA.  Why I thought?  Apparently from overhead the house can look like a downed plane so it needed to be registered.     

Wishing you Blue Skies & Tailwinds!

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