1992 Around the World Air Race Results

Here we go. The top five finishers for the 1992 Around the World Air Race are listed below.
1st place “Spirit of Rochester” Beech F-33A turbo-prop – piloted by general aviation (GA) pilot & US Navy pilot
2nd place “Tailwinds World Flyer” Piper PA-39 Twin Comanche – piloted by mother GA pilot with ATP rating & daughter GA pilot
3rd place “Double Eagle” Cessna 310 – piloted by GA pilot & US Air Force Pilot
4th place “Spirit of Paul Mitchell” Cessna 310 – piloted by Commercial Aircraft Pilot & GA pilot
5th Place “L’Authentic” Jodel Mousquetaire – piloted by GA pilot that restored the Mousquetaire & GA helicopter race pilot
While Marion and I did not win the race we were pleased that we were able to hold on to 2nd place. I’m often asked, “What was the most difficult part of the race?” My answer has always been, “When you are used to flying at 100% power it was excruciatingly slow flying all the way back to California at just 75% power where my family was waiting.”

This air race was an journey of a lifetime. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and Face book posts as much I as I enjoyed recalling this grand adventure.
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