Golden Arches Have Changed

Eating a burger just got a lot more fun. At Lake Taupo, New Zealand, they’ve turned a decommissioned DC-3 into a McDonald’s restaurant. Seating 20 diners, the McPlane is painted in traditional McDonald’s colors. Diners can also view the DC-3 cockpit as an added bonus. No golden arches needed here! mac

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Cool Airplane Design

We love this new design of the Avanti Evo. Manufactured by Piaggio Aero Industries, the Evo will be the fastest, most fuel efficient and lowest emission aircraft in its class. The twin turbo-prop will be propelled by 5-blade Hartzell propellers and can travel at 402 KTAS. evo

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Great Night Sky on August 10, 2014

It was a boon for stargazers last night. We don’t know which was more fun to watch the annual Perseid meteor shower or watching the Super Moon rise which appeared gigantic! A Super Moon is a full or almost full moon that is 90% closer to Earth than usual. No worries if you missed this one. The next Super Moon is in September. sm

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Cool Image of “Fire Cloud”

An F-16C fighter jet captured this dramatic photo of a “fire cloud” on July 31st over Northern California. Another name for a fire cloud is pyrocumulus which is caused by a wild fire. With 80% of California under severe drought conditions, lightning strikes have begun fires burning over 100,000 acres to date. fire-clouds-20140807-110005-529

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B-17 Memphis Belle Fly-By to Honor “Dutch” Van Kirk

Special opportunity for East Coast pilots. On August 5, 2014, Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk is being honored with a B-17 Memphis Belle fly-by at about 12:20 P.M. Major Van Kirk, a decorated WW II pilot, and last surviving member of the Enola Gay crew passed at the age of 93 years. The ceremony in Northumberland, PA is private, but the B-17 will do a fly-by and then land at the airfield at Sunbury Island and will be open for tours the rest of the afternoon. Donations are being requested to cover the $5,000 in fuel expenses. Memphisbellenose

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