Airbus has Record Year of Deliveries

2014 was a banner year for Airbus. They delivered a record 629 aircraft including:
491 A320s
108 A330s & A350s
30 A380s
Tailwinds has scale model replicas of the Airbus A320 and Airbus A330 aircraft. The scale model aircraft include authentic replicas for United Airlines, US Airways, TED, Northwest Airlines, Air Canada, and Delta Airlines. All on sale AND with free shipping in the lower 48 states.

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Aircraft Boneyards

So where do airplanes go when they’ve been pushed aside by newer models? The largest location in the world for an aircraft “boneyard” is in Tucson, AZ at the Davis-Monthan AFB. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group house 4,400 military aircraft on 2,600 acres. The climate conditions are perfect with dry heat, low humidity and little rain which means aircraft will take a lot longer to degrade. The hard subsoil also means that the expense of concrete parking ramps are not needed. Some sit by if they are needed to go back in service, others are used simply for spare parts. bones 2

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Sky Surfing?!

Could sky surfing be the next be adventure in aviation? Aaron Wypyszynki is developing the Wingboard and betting that people will want to ”sky surf.” Similar to a glider, the skysurfer would be towed behind an airplane and flown into the skies. Theoretically, using the WingBoard the skysurfer can control movement and can perform rolls. Once done with the flight the WingBoarder could either land with the towplane or disconnect and parachute down. Sound like fun but we think the cockpit suits us just fine.

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Aircraft of the Future

Meet BEHA, a possible tri-wing plane of the future. BEHA which stands for Bio-Electric Hybrid Aircraft is a joint Anglo/US project backed by the Aviation University at Cranford, UK. Solar panels and a wind turbine will generate a battery charge on the ground and during flight. The new design eliminates the problem that previous designs had needing a longer airfield for take-off. Estimated price will be $1 million.beha 1

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Airplane Wing Shape May Change Soon

Does the future hold a new airplane wing technology? NASA Armstrong Research is experimenting with ACTE, Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge. At Edwards Air Force Base, NASA is using a modified G3 with the new design and lightweight materials. If it comes to market it will have 3 big wins. It will reduce aircraft weight. The design also reduces drag making the plane more fuel efficient. The wing shape has an added benefit of being more environmentally friendly by dramatically reducing noise level. wing

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