Cool New Technology for Space Telescopes

This is cool new technology. The advanced research arm of the military has developed a MOIRE telescope, which stands for Membrane Optical Imager Real-Time Exploitation. It is a foldable telescope that uses lightweight optics and at a lower cost than current models. The membrane is 1/1000th of an inch thick and will diffract light instead of reflect or refract light like most telescopes. Once deployed in space, the telescope will unfold to 66 feet. The 2nd image shows the size in comparison to current telescopes.
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A Week of Firsts in Aviation History

The week of April 7-13 seems to be a popular week for new airplane introductions. Look at all these FIRSTS.
1964: First flight of the de Havilland DHC-5 Buffalo
1966: First flight of the Pilatus PC-7 prototype
1967: First flight of the Boeing 737
1969: First flight of a UK built Concorde
1994: First Boeing 777 is rolled off the assembly line
1997: First production of the Lockheed Martin F/A 22 Raptor
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Lawsuits Fly at Santa Monica Airport

Good news for Santa Monica Airport and the pilots that use it. In a victory for general aviation, a U.S. District Judge has dismissed the lawsuit by the city of Santa Monica to release it from operating the airport. In 1948 the federal government agreed to transfer the land to the city. The city of Santa Monica forgot that the land reverts back to the government if they close the airport. Oops, looks like the real estate developers will have to try again.

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Military to be First with Flying Car Technology

Darn. It looks like the military gets first dibs on flying cars. Lockheed Martin and Advanced Tactics are close to military use for flying cars. Lockheed is developing ARES (Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System). Their design will use VTOL and can be unmanned. Advanced Tactics has already done testing for their bus size design called Black Night Transformer with ground speeds of 70 mph and up to 150 mph airspeed. Frankly, we think the designers had too many transformer toys as kids.
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Facebook and Drones to Connect!

It looks like the tech firms in Silicon Valley will be some of the first civilian companies to make use of drone technology. Facebook has created a lab with 50 aeronautical experts and space scientists. Their job is to find a way to beam the Internet down for a new way to connect using solar-powered drones. FB has already purchased a British company that has developed solar-powered drones.
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