New Aviation Themed Clocks

Aviator Control Tower Wall Clock
Aviator Control Tower Wall Clock
Tailwinds has just added some exciting new aviation wall clocks and aviator desk and mantel clocks that make great pilot gifts for your favorite aviator or airplane enthusiast. These high quality clocks, like our Control Tower Wall Clock, are inspired from replicas from a bygone era. Or, select our World War II Altimeter Clocks in a wall, desk or mantel size, that are crafted from metal, not inexpensive plastic. And there is our Airship Wall Clock that is an exact replica, updated with quartz clock movement, of a 1930s Airship. An ideal gift for a collector!

Engine burn complete and orbit obtained. I’m ready to unlock all your secrets, #Jupiter. Deal with it.

Success for the Juno spacecraft! After nearly 5-years traveling in space to Jupiter, Juno, put on its brakes, so to speak, and slowed by 1,212 mph. This allowed the craft to drop into Jupiter’s orbit. Juno should travel around the gaseous giant 37 times in the next 20 months and begin providing more information at the end of August. We especially like the NASA tweet: “Engine burn complete and orbit obtained. I’m ready to unlock all your secrets, #Jupiter. Deal with it.”

New Aviation Clocks

Tailwinds is pleased to offer a new line of aviation clocks. These quality Altimeter Clocks are based upon the cockpit instrument ones found in WW II aircraft. The durable tabletop and wall clocks are made with metal and have quartz movement. See more styles at our web store.

Metal Altimeter Desk Clock
Metal Altimeter Desk Clock

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot to Receive Medal of Honor

Congratulations to UH-1 Vietnam Huey pilot Charles Kettles. Charles, now 86 years old from Ypsilanti, Michigan is going to receive a Medal of Honor on July 18, 2016. Kettles is credited with saving dozens of lives on May 15, 1967 after our troops where ambushed in the Song Tau Cau river valley. With no guns or aircrew, under constant fire, no air support, with disregard for his own life, he flew in, piled in 8 soldiers, was over gross weight and somehow managed take-off and fly back to safety. We’re glad this hero is getting the recognition he deserves. kettles

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