World’s Oldest Pilot

Congratulations to Canadian pilot George Neal who set a record on June 2nd. George is the oldest active licensed pilot in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. At 96 and 194 days young, George was licensed in 1936, and has over 15,000 hours in 150 aircraft types. For much of his career George was a test pilot for de Havilland. But he still had time to home-build a Sopwith Pup! Kudos to George! Wishing you (more) Blue Skies & Tailwinds!™ neal

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This Could Be the First Light Sport Multicopter

A German company, eVolo, may be the first to introduce a light sport multicopter, and they are looking for new rules from the various aviation administrations. A smaller version was flown remotely in 2013, and now the 2-seat 18-rotor version is being constructed. They tout that it is simple, easy, has great redundancy with 18 rotors and is emission free. Current flight time will be 20-30 minutes, but they are working with new battery technology to extend the flight to 1 hour. Introductory price is estimated at $340K.VC200_First_Assembly_06-582x345

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East Coast Flight Simulator Conference

The 2015 FlightSimCon conference is just around the corner. It is being held on the weekend of June 13 & 14 at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT. There will be over 14 presentations including “Six Steps to Setting up a Home Desktop Simulator.” Attendees will also have access to the largest air museum in New England with 70 aircraft on display. Sounds like a good conference is you are an armchair pilot or a licensed pilot looking to improve or brush-up on your skillset.fs1

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Airplane “Trench Art”

Check-out our aluminum P-51 Mustang and Spitfire aircraft “trench art” reproductions. Trench art, as it is now known, was created by soldiers whiling away their time in the trenches. We suspect that these airplanes were originally crafted by airplane mechanics stationed at an airfield in the British Isles. These aluminum aircraft make great pilot gifts for under $50.00 and are ideal airplane decor. P-51 Mustang Airplane Trench Art

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Pilots to Strike

What happens here stays here. Not this time Las Vegas. The pilots of Allegiant Air are planning to strike on Thursday possibly affecting 250 flights and 186,000 passengers. The Las Vegas-based airline, which is also one of the most profitable airlines by flying to smaller cities, is going to court to try to stop the strike. The dispute is over crew scheduling and some benefits. This is a busy weekend in Las Vegas with folks traveling for Easter weekend and the NCAA basketball championship games. Allegiant Air Strike

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