Airplane Themed Furniture up to 49% off

Don’t delay – our popular airplane styled furniture is on super sale until the end of 2015. Save up to 49% on our popular Airplane Wing Coffee Table or choose our matching Aviator Storage Bench. These are great pilot gifts for an aviator man cave or aviatrix she shed that will add some high flyn’ style to an airplane themed room.

Airplane Wing coffee Table

Airplane Wing coffee Table

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New Airplane Gifts at Tailwinds 20% off

Check out these new airplane gifts arriving just in time for the Christmas holiday. You’ll love these new metal airplane signs. Now cool aviation art is affordable. See web store for large selection.

Humorous Airplane Sign

Humorous Airplane Sign

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Flight Outfitters Flight Bags at

At Tailwinds we consider the flight outfitters pilot flight bags the best on the market right now. These flights bags were designed by a pilot for pilots. They are extremely well built and made with heavy duty materials. There are 3 styles currently available including a sling back pilot bag which allows for hands-free carrying of pilot headsets and other pilot supplies. Special promo going on now until 12/22/15 for a free pro back bag with purchase of the Pro Pilot Flight Bag. See web site for details. sm

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Colbalt Co50 Valkyrie Aircraft

Here is one sharp looking aircraft. Say hello to the Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie aircraft. Colbalt is taking orders on this new 5-seat aircraft for the first time today. The Valkyrie is fastest in its class (single piston engine) at 260 kts with a range of 1050 nm with IFR fuel reserve. It has safety features like a canard style forewing to prevent mid-air stalls and a rear engine for smoother take-offs and landings. This high-end aircraft has great features like hand-stitched premium leather from a Hermes craftsman, and the largest one piece canopy in the world with a 320 degree view.co2

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This New Material Will Revolutionize the Aerospace Industry

Wow! Boeing Corporation and others have developed a cool new technology that is going to change the aerospace industry. Below is a picture of the world’s lightest material known to science called microlattice. It is a 3D open-cellular polymer structure. Read these specs: it is 1/1000th width of human hair, 99.99% air, and yet able to absorb high levels of impact. Boeing initially plans on using this new material on airplane interiors dramatically reducing aircraft weight thereby saving fuel while increasing aircraft speed. micro

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