Frenchman Wins 6th Stage of Air Race

Nicolas Ivanhoff of France has won the 6th stage of the Red Bull Air Race competition. Flying up to speeds of 250 mph Nicolas won the 3.7 mile, 2 lap race in a winning time 54.118 seconds. He edged out his competitors by a mere .135 seconds!rb1

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Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 Takes Flight in the US

United Airlines is the first North American carrier to accept the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. It is scheduled to begin flight in October with its longest route from LA to Melbourne, Australia flying non-stop. The 787-9 has a range of 8,550 miles and can fly at 687 mph. It is the most fuel efficient aircraft of its type using 20% LESS fuel and can hold 280 passengers. You’ll know the 787-9 when you see it as it will be the largest bird on the tarmac. 787 9

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Burning Man and Aviation

Burning Man creates the single LARGEST annual aviation event in Nevada. Now that it is becoming more international over 17,000 people fly-in commercially to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The airport is burning man friendly with an 8-foot tall replica at the airport. General aviation pilots land at the Black Rock Desert Airport which is a temporary field on the playa. Looks like pilots fit right in with the creativity! There are over 70,000 participants at Burning Man. twin

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Future of Flight?

And the race is on… That is DARPA, aka Defense Advanced Research Products Agency, is challenging companies to develop a spaceplane. The spaceplane must be reusable and be able to achieve speeds of up to Mach 10. That is 7,612 mph or less than 1 hour between New York and Tokyo. The image is an artist’s conception of a prototype being developed by Northrup Grumman. xs-1-experimental-space-plane-2

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Golden Arches Have Changed

Eating a burger just got a lot more fun. At Lake Taupo, New Zealand, they’ve turned a decommissioned DC-3 into a McDonald’s restaurant. Seating 20 diners, the McPlane is painted in traditional McDonald’s colors. Diners can also view the DC-3 cockpit as an added bonus. No golden arches needed here! mac

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