World’s Largest Airplane Weather Vane

Thinking of the largest… Canada holds the honor for having for the world’s largest airplane weather vane. It is situated in Whitehorse at the Yukon Transportation Museum. It will be hard to compete as they have used an actual DC-3 aircraft. Of course, the plane is retired and no longer airworthy. Check out the Airplane Weather Vanes at Tailwinds. We have steel and copper airplane weather vanes that look great on a rooftop or cupola.

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World’s Largest Airplane Weather Vane

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World’s Largest Aircraft Ready for Flight

The world’s LARGEST aircraft is becoming a reality. With a wingspan of 385 feet, and gross weight of (wow) 1.3 Million lbs., Stratolaunch is gearing up for test flight. Stratolaunch is designed to deliver heavy payloads into orbit and uses SIX 747 engines. The rocket booster is 129 ft. long, and the aircraft requires a minimum of a 12,000 foot long runway. Range is short with only 1,000 nm. Test flights are in progress with 2016 as the projected release date.



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1930s Biplane to Fly Again!

If Team Merlin has its way, a replica of the huge Handley Page H.P.42 biplane will be returning to the skies in the next 2-3 years. This 28,000 lb. aircraft with a 130 foot wingspan was the flagship airplane for Imperial Airways London. It carried 24 passengers and would cruise at 100 mph with a top speed of 120 mph. Only 8 of the biplanes were built and none remain. This 1930s aircraft is currently under construction and is already being scripted into movies. From the looks hard to believe that it was airworthy. handley_hp-42

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Piper to be on Discovery Channel

Congratulations to Piper Aircraft for representing the aviation community so well. Late last week the Discovery Channel completed filming at Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach, Florida. Piper’s new aircraft the Meridian M500 is going to be featured on the Discovery show called “How It’s Made.” The Discovery Channel now reaches 180 countries. Piper M500 Aircraft

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Airbus has Record Year of Deliveries

2014 was a banner year for Airbus. They delivered a record 629 aircraft including:
491 A320s
108 A330s & A350s
30 A380s
Tailwinds has scale model replicas of the Airbus A320 and Airbus A330 aircraft. The scale model aircraft include authentic replicas for United Airlines, US Airways, TED, Northwest Airlines, Air Canada, and Delta Airlines. All on sale AND with free shipping in the lower 48 states.

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