Hmm. Beetles & Aircraft Icing!

So what do the Namib desert beetle and prevention of airplane wing icing have in common? Apparently a lot. As pilots we know that icing conditions and ice forming on the leading edge of a wing are particularly hazardous conditions. Virginia Tech scientists studied the Namib desert beetle that lives in one of the most arid regions of the world. They found that a patterned surface, similar to the one found on the beetleā€™s back, not only controlled the build-up of ice, but also prevented the spread of ice. ice 1

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We’ve Got A Winner

It’s a success! The 1st test of the KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling of 1600 lbs. of jet fuel to an F-16 was a complete triumph. The Pegasus aircraft is equipped with a new, advanced refueling boom, and 3-D video which is computer operated. This is a big change from the KC-135s where the operator had to lay face down, and look out a window to control the boom.KC-46 Pegasus

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New Markdowns on Pilot Gifts at

Save up to 50% with these new markdowns on aviation gifts for pilots and airplane enthusiasts. Our French Antique Brown wood propeller with black tips is now under $100. All aviation holiday greeting cards are 50% off. prop

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Day 7 of the 12 Days of Gift Deals

Our most popular decorative wood propeller is on special sale today. The 6 foot beauty makes an ideal gift for a pilot or airplane enthusiast. Save 20% + free ship. Tailwinds has a great selection of replica wooden propellers and many of the antique propellers are made in the USA. large-vintage-wood-propeller-8

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12 Days of Christmas Deals at Tailwinds has the best pilots gifts and unique airplane gifts for the aviation enthusiast. Each day, the first 12 days of December, Tailwinds will have special pricing on our pilot gifts. It may be free shipping on a gift item or extra discounts on airplane gifts. Check the Tailwinds blog area for the daily special. coarsairart

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