Fun tine at 2014 Airventure

Fun events are happening at Airventure. Jetman performed spectacular feats. Personally we’d all like to have this equipment so, we too, could fly like birds! The USMC made an appearance with the Osprey VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. We like this picture that shows a Hercules aircraft with a DC-3 plane in the foreground. Size difference is amazing. osh

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Day 1 Airventure 2014

The 2014 Airventure is underway at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. EAA expects attendance to top the 508,000 attendees from last year. Visitors will come from 70 different countries and the entire campground of 35,000 sites is filled. Singer Kenny Loggins kicks off the evening entertainment tonight. Of course, there is a daily airshow at 3:00 P.M. with the Thunderbirds slated to perform on August 1-3. eaa

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Jet Struck by Missile

Sad news. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has been shot down between the Russian and Ukrainian boarder with no survivors. Over 300 passengers were on board including 23 Americans. Flight altitude was 33,000 feet when struck by a missile. BN-DS935_0717MH_G_20140717125126

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Restored Fairchild 71

We guess this week’s contest for Plane Spotter Tuesday was too difficult as there were no guesses, even with the outline of the radial engine. The answer is the Fairchild 71 aircraft. Only 3 of these planes were flown by Pan Am, and if you like slow flight this one is for you as it cruises at only 100 mph. Gary Coonan is the current owner of this beautifully restored Fairchild 71, and it is making appearances at a major airshows.
Wishing you Blue Skies & Tailwinds!™

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New World Aviation Record

Congratulations to Michael Combs and son Daniel that just set a new world aviation record. The father and son team set the record for world’s fastest flight in a LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) across the U.S. This is Michael’s 6th world record for LSAs. It took 4 years of planning and 2 previous attempts to succeed. Hope One, as the Remos aircraft is named, took off from Ontario, Ca and 34 hours and 1 minute in flight, landed at Mt. Pleasant Regional Airport. LSA pilots may only fly during daylight hours.
Wishing you Blue Skies & Tailwinds!™mike-combs

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